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This Week at Kinder Outdoors

Buying Your First Gun

Buying Your First Gun

Firearm ownership is a right enjoyed by many Americans and with that right comes the responsibility to safely handle and store firearms.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and
Project ChildSafe remind new gun owners in particular of the many firearms safety materials they make available to help prevent accidents, theft and misuse.

These 5 TIPS will help you with your new purchase...


Wildlife Turkeys

WATCH: Livin' the Wildlife-Turkeys

Colorado is home to two subspecies of wild turkeys, the Merriam and the Rio Grande.

The Merriam's is native and lives in the foothills and mountains west of I-25, and the Rio Grande was introduced on the Eastern Plains in the 1980s.

The CPW produced a video to help you enjoy the sights and sounds of these amazing animals...