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This Week at Kinder Outdoors

Crappie Ron Upchurch MS


Climb onboard as Billy and Ron Upchurch, PTG Outdoors discuss one of the best crappie fishing lakes in the country, Granada Lake, Mississippi.

A 12-inch regulation helps keep big crappie in this fishery. Learn TIPS on how to fish this great lake and what you can expect.

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Jimmy Tidmore Hunt Club Kids Book Series

Enjoyable, Safe Books for Kids

Come into the camphouse as Billy and Jimmy Tidmore, Author discuss his book series written for children ages 8-12 years,
The Hunt Club Kid series.

Author Jimmy Tidmore shares how his fiction and realistic books are great stories set in the outdoors and based on true hunts.

Billy gives his full endorsement to these books which are family-friendly and wholesome.

TUNE IN to our KO June 15th Show...