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About Kinder Outdoors

The Beginning

Kinder Outdoors is an outdoor talk radio show produced by Kinder Productions, Inc. and hosted by Billy Kinder, 45 year radio veteran. Bill Kinder and his wife, Robin began their new company, Kinder Productions, Inc. in the summer of 2009 with the desire to produce an entertaining and informative outdoor talk radio show unlike any on the air and a desire to commit their work to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Kinder Outdoors hit the airwaves on December 12, 2009, originally as Big Billy Kinder Outdoors. The show is a lifestyles approach to the outdoors, full of entertainment, education, celebrity guests, charity, FUN & MORE! It first aired on the the high-power, flagship radio station, WBAP 820AM & 96.7FM in the Dallas/Fort Worth market, Saturdays 5:00am to 6:00am, (CT) and continues with that partnership today. In just a few years of self-syndication, Kinder Outdoors grew to a network of 16 radio stations across North Texas-Kinder Outdoors Network.

In the summer of 2013, the Salem Radio Network approached the Kinders with a desire to distribute the radio show. Kinder Outdoors hit the National airwaves on July 6, 2013 airing a 2-hour show on 38 radio stations across 22 states. As of today, Kinder Outdoors, airs on over 140 radio stations in 30 states. After 10 years of hard work, the Kinders were honored and humbled to be invited to broadcast on satellite radio, and on July 1, 2020, they launched their 1-hour show presented by DSC on SiriusXM-Channel 147, Rural Radio, Saturdays, 9am (EST). Now, Kinder Outdoors can be heard in EVERY city and farm road, smartphone, tablet, boat and blind in the U.S. and Canada. Billy has hosted such greats as Jim Zumbo, Craig Boddington, Walt Garrison, Johnny Rutherford, Governor Bill Clements, T.Boone Pickens, Jim Shockey, Michael Waddell, Jase Robertson and General Chuck Yeager…all great men in their field with great passions for the outdoors.


We Are Blessed

The show has been blessed with incredible advertisers who have been instrumental in the show’s success...many of the initial advertisers remain committed to the Kinders and Kinder Outdoors today.

Kinder Productions, Inc. also produces voice-overs for outside companies, puppet skits for church ministry and other audio productions. Kinder Outdoors is a unique approach in radio in which the talent owns their own show; Kinder Productions, Inc. obtains commercial inventory in the show and then sells radio commercials/sponsorships. If your company is interested in advertising on Kinder Outdoors, contact us through this website.

The Kinders both have years of experience in communications and productions and are thankful to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for entrusting them with this new company and the airwaves. They have committed Kinder Productions, Inc. to Him and for His glory.

In 2010 and 2014, Kinder Productions, Inc. dba Big Billy Kinder Outdoors (Now Kinder Outdoors) was humbled and honored to receive the Dallas Small Business Development Center Award for Growth & Expansion.


About Big Billy KinderBig Billy Kinder

Big Billy Kinder is a native Texan. Born and raised in Palo Pinto County, Billy like many native Texans, was hunting and fishing from the very age that he could safely shoot a gun or cast a hook. That starts real early around here! From crappie and bass in the native lakes around home to sailfish in the Atlantic, gulf species, and Pacific spear fishing, “it’s all a fish and a hook and a bait and the Good Lord’s gifts that make each adventure so special.”

Deer, quail, and turkey were all major influences in Big Billy’s youth. They still are! “Hunting Texas quail is still my favorite!” As a youngster, he would listen for a whistle and walk them up, but for the past twenty years he’s been behind some of the best bird dogs in the country! “Since my first trip behind well-bred and trained dogs, that has been my passion!” Big Billy has grown his love of these dogs into champion field trialers and tremendous upland bird hunters. He has hauled his dogs to championship field trials and tremendous hunts from coast to coast and border to border. His champion Brittany, Bear won the 2010 National Shoot to Retrieve Regional Championship.

Radio is where most Texans know Big Billy. It has been his entire career, and for twenty years he was the afternoon drive voice of 96.3 KSCS. The Country Music Association (CMA) said that Big Billy was one of the top five country music jocks in the nation due to his on-air performance, community involvement, and top ratings year after year. After a stellar country radio career, Big Billy combined his love for the outdoors with his history and success in radio. In the summer of 2009, Billy and his wife, Robin started Kinder Productions, Inc. which now produces the number one rated radio outdoor talk show in the Dallas/Fort Worth Market, Kinder Outdoors.

Also, a Freshman All-American for TCU football; Big Billy loves sports. He is devoted to his wife, son and granddaughters. Billy loves this community and was recognized by the State of Texas for his “Kinder Kids” radio program, which for 19 years, reached the community looking for families to foster and adopt children who suffered abuse and neglect across the surrounding nineteen counties. You will be hard-pressed to find someone who loves the men and women in our military and first responders more than Big Billy.

No matter how great the hunting, fishing, and outdoor excitement has been-no matter how wonderful the people in my life, “nothing can come close to replacing my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” Christ was the only perfect example of a man. He was very God, made man-amazing, and so is His eternal grace. I look at His life and then take a close look at my heart, and life, and see how short of heaven I fall. I thank God for his simple plan of salvation, and for accepting a simple man like me!!