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Social Media Statement

January 14, 2021

At Kinder Productions, Inc. (dba Kinder Outdoors) we believe in FREEDOM. We believe in freedom of speech. By the Lord's blessings and grace, we make our living speaking. This has been a difficult time in our beloved nation, and we want to do all we can to be helpful. We want to do what is best for our listeners, our clients, our friends, neighbors, industry, family and business. In saying that, we are giving NOTICE that on Saturday, January 16th, we will be cancelling and closing all our social media accounts. If the Lord opens the door for new platforms that honestly believe in free speech without attacks, we will make plans to connect with you again in that way. We believe in FREEDOM...God gave it to us. We also love that true freedom exists in Jesus Christ. In the meantime, you can always stay connected to us through our radio show and We are praying for this "one nation under God."