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Welcome to the Camphouse

BBK SigWelcome to our campfire here at Kinder Outdoors. I will never take for granted that you are a special guest in this house and will always treat you that way. I am truly honored that you are paying us a visit. Thank you.

After doing some living, I have a strong pull to solid and lasting things. There are some pillars that have held our country up, strong and steady since her inception. God and His amazing grace for you and me through His Son Jesus. The horrid crucifixion and death and then His death defying resurrection. This is without question at the very top of the list.

Other crucial pillars follow. Things like family, love, honesty, hard work and good play. God’s creation, the sounds of His birds and animals, the breathtaking beauty of His landscape. The provision on our tables, the republic in which we live and the fought for freedom that we too often take for granted. These are all solid and good. I hope these things appeal to you. If so, you should feel comfortable and at home here.

The future of our hunting and fishing lifestyle (the children) need to be included as often as possible in the boat, the blind and our radio/podcast conversations. We understand that if even one youngster is listening, THAT, is a tremendous responsibility. You will never be embarrassed or jump to change the station or download when spending time with us. I promise. I’m so tickled that we have the sharpest fishing and hunting minds on the planet with us. We try to build it top notch every day. Don’t be a stranger. Gather ‘round our campfire every week and bring the kiddos.

Thank you!